This describes the data and program files for "Do minimum wages raise the NAIRU".
Hopefully, it should make replicating my results (for those who have Eviews) trivial, and modifying them easy.
(If not, let me know).

There is a small Eviews file: small.wf1 that contains just the series needed to run the wage equation and simple estimation results.
This may be all that many people want.

For more detail, use the zipped folder
First unzip this into one directory.
Then open Eviews, make that new directory the default, then run the program transformdata.prg.

This will load and transform the following data files:

Famedata03june.txt - an ASCII file with most of the quarterly series (from BLS, NIPA etc)

Otherdata.xls - an Excel workbook with data from miscellaneous other sources (including my minimum wage series)

Histannual.edb - an Eviews database with annual series.

Then, the following programs can be run:

Equations.prg - estimates the wage equation (for which it calls the subroutine jackknife.prg). Also contains product price equation

Stabilityeach.prg - calculates Hansen-Andrews-Ploberger stats for each coefficient

Stabilityjoint.prg - calculates Hansen-Andrews-Ploberger stats for coefficients jointly, also estimates recursive coefficients

Sensitivity.prg - does sensitivity analysis

Kalman_conprice - estimates tvnairu (for which it calls the subroutine Andrews_conprice.prg)

Montecarlo.prg - simulates distribution of coefficient on ratio of two random walks

A unix fame input file is also included. This lists the mnemonics and slightly more detailed descriptions of each series. To run this requires access to the Federal Reserve's US database.

And a file called prodprice update.pdf contains estimates of the product price equation referred to in the paper.